2018 Points Game/Group Stats

Weekly Points Game. Open to all, no signup needed. 

All runners who come our group runs are automatically entered to earn points. Points are largely based on how terrible or calm the weather is, with more points are given on rainy, snowy, very cold, or very hot days.  Runners can earn additional points by showing team spirit (by wearing a DSR shirt), and to those who demonstrate a safety-oriented mindset during our runs. 

Points are tallied up on a weekly basis, and the placement of top 12 runners are shown on our website. Every month the person with the most points win a small prize–usually a free beer. 

Winners from any month are not eligible to win in the next 2-month period.

Points System:
All runs:
1 point for runs between 40 and 85 degrees
2 points for runs under 40 degrees or over 85 degrees
Additional Points for weather:
+1 point for rainy, snowy, or icy conditions
+2 points for runs above 90 degrees, or below 25 degrees (air temp, wind chill, or heat index)
Additional Points given to individuals:
+2 points for showing team spirit—wearing a DSR shirt
+3 for being overly safety conscious, such as: encouraging fellow runners to run on the sidewalk; being careful at crosswalks; generally looking out for others.
+4 given for attending at least 2 runs during the week.


Our heat map for January:
Map Embed


Our heat map for February:
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Our heat map for March:
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Our heat map for April:
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Our heat map for May:
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Our heat map for June:
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Our heat map for July:
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Our heat map for August:
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Our heat map for September:
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Our heat map for October:
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Our heat map for November:
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Our heat map for December:
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