DSR Run Group

The Davis Square Runners was established in 2011, focusing on group runs with people around Davis Square in Somerville.  The group started in early July of that year with 11 members, with only 5 or 6 of those showing up at any one time.  The group held some very basic guidelines–respect your running mates, regroup for the slower members of the group, and have fun!

Since then the DSR group has grown to having 20-30 members on the very popular Tuesday run–while still abiding by the same basic rules.  Regrouping is still an important part of our charter, and it is something that separates this group from others in the area. Safety is also key amongst our group.  Headlamps and reflective gear are strongly encouraged by all of the group’s regular members, as well as keeping an eye on each other in case someone should have problems.

Members of DSR group consist of long time locals, transplants from other cities, and those who have come to America from other countries. However all things are equal here as we strive to find common ground, listening to each other’s ideas, and sharing jokes.  The fast, the slow, and everyone in between, is welcome and respected.

Please take a look at our safety guidelines, our Meetup schedule, and different ways of staying in touch.

Thank you.

DSR Organizers:

Su Mittra, 2011

Fernando Salcido, 2014

Josh Gannon, 2012

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