Safety Guidelines

In an effort to keep our runners safe, please read over and practice the following safety guidelines.  


Road running:

  • Stick to the side of the road that the group leader is on.
  • If running in the road, try to stay single file along the curb or parked cars.
  • Listen for “heads up remarks,” (car ahead/behind; car left/right) from other runners, and repeat them out loud. For example, if you hear “car behind,” say it again so that those in front or around you will know there’s car coming up from behind.
  • Reflective gear, headlamp, and tail light during winter hours. Having at least two of these is good for being seen at night. A head light makes you visible to oncoming traffic, as well as allowing the group leader to see you during regroups. A tail light allows you to be seen by traffic behind, as well as all the people in the group who are behind you. Reflective gear helps in low light conditions when the brightness of a headlamp is not easily noticed.
  • Please do not cross against a light, because there may be 15 people behind you that will assume the way is clear and not notice oncoming traffic. When the group does a major regroup, the group leader will wait for anyone who falls behind.
  • When on the bike path, we need to be conscientious of other users of the path and stay to the right side of the yellow line. We can’t be running full width across the bike path.
  • We want to have a good rapport with our community, please be courteous to people walking, driving, biking, or standing. Share the road and don’t be a jerk!


Trail Running:

  • Have a map or phone with you, and know which trails we will be running.
  • Have water with you, Hydration pack or water bottle.
  • Snacks are important to have with you, as trail running can be more strenuous than road running.
  • Invest in a pair of trail shoes—road shoes don’t have the grip needed for most trail running.
  • Pack in/Pack out.  Don’t litter while out on the trails.
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