Out Thinking Before Out Drinking

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Join us for “Out Thinking Before Out Drinking,” a scavenger/trivia running game with some daring challenges thrown in!

In this free event Participants group together in teams of 3-4 people, and compete with other teams for our “big prize” (Prize may not be super big). Each team can earn points by:
1. Solving Scavenger/Trivia clues
2. Or completing fun and ridiculous Challenges.

Should you wish to take on this challenge, you and your team will have 2.5 hours to complete as many of these items. Being the fastest at running is less important than how creative and imaginative you want to be in solving the clues and challenges presented.

How it works:

Teams can be figured out amongst friends before the event, or assigned the day of the event.  We ask that teams be 3-4 people total.

Scavenger/Trivia clues and Challenges will be given out the day of the event.

Teams can pick and choose which scavenger/trivia items to go find, or which challenges they wish to do.  Points are given on a sliding scale based on how creative/silly teams wish to be.

Teams complete scavenger/trivia clues, or challenges by taking a picture or video.  The picture or video must then be texted to the Race Director (RD) so that he may award your team points.  Therefore each team must have a Contact Person who will be in charge of texting with the RD.


While this is a free event, should you wish to donate to our group, please head over to our Donation Page.

We hope you will join us for a great event!

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