DSR Productions

DSR Productions is an organization that was created in December 2016 by Su Mittra, Fernando Salcido, and Josh Gannon.  Together they wanted to bring more benefits to the members of the Davis Square Runners, as well as create a platform to create events and races for our running community. 

The team has come to oversee all of the weekly runs that are hosted by the Davis Square Runners including putting together easy to use Safety Guidelines, First Aid kits that are specific to occasional road and trail abrasions, and use of two-radios to help keep our larger groups together.

This year DSR Productions will be pulling together its resources to create a better Fat Ass race in April, and host additional races through the year, as well as create a weekly incentive program.  We are also introducing a special sponsorship benefits for our runners who donate to our running group.  Becoming a sponsor will give discounts to DSR apparel and events, as well as discounts at area businesses.

Through all of these goals DSR Productions will cling to the values that has made Davis Square Runners an inviting, welcoming, and encouraging running group for all.


Su Mittra, Co-Founder

Fernando Salcido, Co-founder

Josh Gannon, Co-Founder

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